High Filtration Protection.

Designed specifically for small, smiling children. The KID95 offers the highest filtration efficiency, breathability, and comfort.

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Quality Protection Made Close to Home

United States Mask was founded on the idea that some products are just too important to outsource. We are committed to providing quality protection for our community and emphasizing choice in the narrative of safety and protective gear. We can proudly say that we are here to be a choice for you, your family, your neighbor, and your community.

When we say high filtration, we mean it.

"U.S. Mask Company in Arlington battles China with a new invention, a high-quality face mask for kids"

Watchdog Dave Lieber, shares the story of how United States Mask and Kid95 came into existence.

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Commitment to Community

Throughout the pandemic, Americans and front-line workers endured rationing and unavailability of PPE.

Kids have largely had to settle for masks that don't protect them, or adult small masks repackaged as something for kids.

The Kid95 is our answer to all the families looking, needing, and wanting to protect their kids and family.

Commitment to Quality

Comfortable fit with soft, no-snag, no-pull, non-latex head straps; sturdy nosepiece that prevents glasses from rebounding and fogging; breathable, soft inner lining. Designed and produced here in Texas.